Ok, ok, there IS a wall!

Got another 20 miler under my belt today but this one, as expected, was considerably harder than the last one as the last week hasn’t really been the best preparation for a long run. I didn’t get out on the roads as much as planned and those runs I did manage in the ice & snow were not up to scratch (although Boxing Day’s 16 miler was ok). On top of that I’ve probably had a little bit more alcohol than usual which has the unwanted side effect of leeching the glycogen stores and I probably should have had a bit more to eat before I went as well. The net result of all this is I probably hit the road (on a very cold day) with only half a tank of fuel and even with the SiS gel supplement that wasn’t enough to get me all the way round and so at about 16 miles I suddenly felt like all my energy had gone and the next 4 miles were reduced to a cycle of very slow jog/brisk walk as I tried to push through the wall that I’ve been managing to avoid up to now. All I can say is that it’s taught me a very valuable lesson about preparing for a long run and not to underestimate the demands this level of training places on the body. As I sit here writing this I still feel totally drained of energy and I have no intention of doing that again!

Still, 20 miles is 20 miles so I should at least be proud of the fact that I didn’t cave in and use my Oyster Card when I had the opportunity to do so!

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2 Responses to Ok, ok, there IS a wall!

  1. Jill says:

    So if you are looking for an international Marathon Sydney is in September and Melbourne in October 🙂


  2. Jeff says:

    Well it looks like I might be doing the Berlin Marathon in September now but Melbourne might be just a little bit too far afield 😦

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