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Last Post

Well all good things must come to an end as they say. This is my last blog post on 12m12m (at least for a while) but I will keep the site open for now so that anyone who is attempting … Continue reading

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Watford Half Marathon

A nice start to the racing calendar for this year, the Asics Watford Half Marathon. Quite a challenging half actually, fairly flat for around 4 miles then you hit a deep dip followed by a hard climb. After that you … Continue reading

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Overseas Award

As you may remember I ran one of my marathons in Newfoundland along the Baccalieu Trail in the summer. Since my chosen charities didn’t really cover Newfoundland in any way I agreed to do the run on behalf of the … Continue reading

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Front Page News

I was delighted to see that I made the front page of my local news magazine this month – makes me want to do it all again!! Have a look here:

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Over £2,600 and rising

Donations have continued to come in since I finished marathon number 12 pushing the total to over £2,600 across my four charities with the most so far going to the Peace Hospice so a big thank you to everyone on … Continue reading

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Hard start to the year

I’m definitely paying for the couple of weeks off running I had over Christmas. I’ve been suffering from stiff legs the day after running and today’s long run had me dragging legs that felt like lumps of lead for a … Continue reading

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Anyone ready to pick up the baton?

Well I know I wasn’t the first to run 12 marathons in 12 months and I certainly won’t be the last but I probably grabbed the easiest domain name to remember when promoting it. I’ve got no intention of doing … Continue reading

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