Back to Normal – ish

Well despite all my best intentions I didn’t quite do as much running as I planned over the Xmas/New Year period but that was partly down to the weather and road conditions. As you will have seen from my previous posts I did get out on the road on Boxing day for a long run but then we travelled up to the North East of England after that and the snow & ice was well and truly there to stay. However after a fresh snowfall on New Year’s Day I decided to brave the local roads around Morpeth and managed a very careful 5.5 miles. This was quite useful as I was able to survey the road to our destination for lunch that day and strongly advised everyone not to take the route I’d just run! Anyway, it blew out the cobwebs from the previous couple of days but I’m definitely expecting my next long (20 mile) run to be pretty hard going as I’ve had no speedwork sessions in the last 2 weeks and so the hills are not going to be as easy as some of my earlier runs in December – oh well, no pain no gain!

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  1. Dear Jeff, I’m a reporter at the Morpeth Herald newspaper. Looking at your other blogs, I know you live down south but as this one may indicate, do you have family in Morpeth and/or used to live in the town? If so, we would like to do a story to publicise your efforts.

    You can e-mail me on the address supplied.

    Andrew Coulson

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