Got to get out of this rut

Still not back on form after another disappointing week. I thought things were beginning to pick up after some reasonable speedwork last week and a half-marathon last weekend but then managed to go downhill again and Saturday’s long run was just lamentable. I think a major factor has been pressure of work. Long 12-14 hour days and late nights are just not compatible with training at this level and added to that is the inevitable rushed meals, poor hydration and restless sleep… The list goes on!

What concerns me most is the fact that Berlin is fast approaching and I’m not feeling marathon fit yet – let alone ready for a new PB which is disappointing considering it was probably my best chance for it. Still, I should really be pleased with the fact that I’ve got this far and I’m still running at least so I’m sure I’ll snap out of it at some point.

Anyway, things should start easing off at work this week which is a plus and that might get me back into the swing of things – here’s hoping! Only 4 more races to go anyway and the main thing is that I finish them all and worry about PBs next year when I can focus my training on specific races.

Sorry if I’m not sounding very inspiring this week (especially for those choosing to follow my example) but we all have our off days.

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1 Response to Got to get out of this rut

  1. Jerry S says:

    Jeff, don’t be too down hearted, of course you are going to go through rough patches you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.

    I was once told, it isn’t a challenge if the outcome is guaranteed.

    Good luck buddy, just keep going as I know you are going to do this.

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