Off the Pace

Really been struggling this week – pace is way off and just had that “too heavy to run” feeling in my legs a lot of the time. Not sure why but holiday has probably contributed to my lethargy (even if I did run a marathon while I was away). I think I need to go teetotal for a bit and maybe change my diet until things get back to normal. I also need to get my sleep patterns sorted out I think – I’m going to bed far too late and waking up too early. I’ve found getting back into a normal routine after 2 weeks in Canada (where I never even wore a watch) quite hard. Still, work is getting busier for the next few weeks so that will force me into a routine whether I like it or not…

Saturday’s long run wasn’t nearly as long as I’d planned but it was enjoyable in that I just randomly followed every “Public Footpath” sign I came across on one of my usual routes. This took me to some parts of my local area I never knew existed so that was a positive outcome as there’s a fantastic view of the whole of London on a hillside that I’ve never been to in 15 years of living in this area!!

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