Almost Half Way

Well another week gone and only a week to go until the Cheltenham Circular Challenge which will be marathon number six, marking the half way point in my challenge. It will certainly be a good feeling once that one is out of the way! This week has seen me finally getting back on form after what has been around a month of coping with a knee problem. I’m glad to say that it has now completely cleared up and I’m getting no problems now whatsoever so that has been a real confidence boost and has allowed me to start getting some decent speedwork back into my training.

My pace is slowly creeping back up to what it was too. Thursday night’s speedwork was hitting the kind of split times I was getting back at the start of the year and hopefully this is a sign that I will be able to start coming in with sub-4:00 times again. However, I doubt that will be the case this month since it’s a multi-terrain trail run and the course record to date is 3:33:10!!

Today’s run was a pleasant 10 miler in the sun and I maintained an average 8:30 pace all the way round so hopefully I can keep improving on that over the next six months. Not a lot else to report this week really as it’s just been a case of business as usual apart from the fact that my wife has finally got the running bug now and is training for her first 10K in July. It’s a race I’ve always done every year but I’m going to drop out this time around so that I can cheer her on – that and the fact that I have another race that week too so best not to overdo it…

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