Training back on track

Well that’s my first post-marathon speedwork session out of the way. A 5 mile run with 3 miles at a sub-8:00 pace which I found no trouble at all to maintain so I’m feeling pretty much back to normal. The legs were a bit stiff the day after the race, especially going down a flight of stairs but after a short recovery jog on Tuesday they were feeling much better. The most noticeable thing after the race on Sunday was how quickly I became dehydrated for about 24 hours afterwards. I’d consumed a significant amount of water after the race and throughout the remainder of the day but next morning felt like I’d been on a night out! It wasn’t until Monday evening that I felt like everything had settled down so I’ll be watching for that next time.

Anyway, I now need to think about the lead up to the next marathon which I have pencilled in for the 14th of Feb. As you may have seen from the races page, I don’t have an official event that month so my plan is to do an out & back on the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon route, which I have completed a couple of times. This is a nice flat course (apart from going up & down the locks) and I’m going to take it steady as my next official race after that is pretty close at the beginning of March, which is unfortunate timing but after that everything is reasonably evenly spaced out.

On a final note, I just looked at the cumulative reports on my Garmin Foreunner and since I started using it in November I’ve logged a total of 237.6 miles! It’s actually slightly more in reality as it went flat on an 8 miler about 2 miles in so probably closer to 245 miles in reality. Looking ahead to the races and the training in between I’m going to see if I can crack 1000 miles by the end of 2010 as a little side challenge 🙂

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