Hard start to the year

I’m definitely paying for the couple of weeks off running I had over Christmas. I’ve been suffering from stiff legs the day after running and today’s long run had me dragging legs that felt like lumps of lead for a few miles. Thankfully I loosened up after 5 or 6 miles but my left foot suddenly went quite numb for a few miles before suddenly coming back for no reason. It’s nothing I’ve not had before but the stiffness and getting a numb foot on training runs have not been a feature for well over a year (though often a consequence of full marathons). I’m hoping that things will get back to normal now though, the first week back out on the road was always going to be tough.

I’ve put a few stakes in the ground already for this year, my running calendar starts with the Watford Half Marathon in Feb and then the marathons begin with Stratford again. However, as I said before, this site will be closing down soon as I’m not doing the whole 12 in 12 thing again. I’m planning keep a blog running at http://jeffcarteruk.com for the time being (which is currently just an alias to this site) but to be honest there are so many other services for blogging your training (Dailymile, FetchEveryone etc) that keeping an additional site running seems like a lot of additional effort – but we’ll see how it goes (and whether anyone is reading what I write of course).

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