The End…

Well that’s it, my last marathon completed today and a total of 1,016 miles covered since I decided to take this on. As you will have seen on my previous post, the intended last race was supposed to be the Luton Marathon last weekend but that was unfortunately cancelled by the organisers at the last minute leaving me high & dry. I did look around for alternatives but they were either full or difficult to fit in due to location etc so in the end I decided that the best option would be to organise my own local route and do it on my own. So, after plotting an 8.85 mile loop of the local roads I set off around 10:30 this morning and after 3 laps I rolled in just under four and a half hours later.

My house doubled up nicely as both lap counter and water station with my wife running out each time with a banana and an isotonic drink to keep me going. The last lap though was very, very hard. I was starting to feel the cold and my legs were seriously cramping up, forcing me into a jog-walk for much of the last lap but I occasionally found a little burst of energy from somewhere and thankfully the last 3/4 mile was roughly downhill. As I approached home I was very touched to see the family and the neighbours outside holding a finishing tape (photos to follow) which is officially the only one I’ve managed to break but that’s not hard in a race of one… Anyways, I’m off for a nice warm bath now and look forward to a nice meal this evening. This is by no means the last entry for the blog as I’ll be letting you know what I’m planning for next year so please keep popping back when you have a moment. I’ll also update you on the fund-raising totals as well as I’m keeping the donation lines open for a couple of months since some of you pledged a donation when I’d finished them all.

All it remains for me to do now is to thank all of you that have supported me for the last 12 months as I battled my way through this and to thank my wife and family for putting up with all the endless evenings and weekends of training and sweaty running kit all over the house – I promise to get on with all those DIY jobs that have been mounting up now…


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2 Responses to The End…

  1. Vicky says:

    Well Done! Amazing achievement!
    Look forward to your running plans for next year

  2. Jim - Melbourne, Australia says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Congrats on a brilliant effort. Congrats on getting out there and taking on such a noble challenge. I have been following your blog with interest as I am too looking at a 12 marathons in 12 months challenge, throughout 2012 (throughout Australia and NZ). I am also looking to raise money for charity. I like the way you have used technology – the blog is clear and the Garmin maps are great. Would be happy to chat further and pick up any tips. Congrats again on what is a fantastic achievement and a great inspiration for others such as myself. Cheers, Jim.

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