Almost Done…

Only 5 days to go now and my challenge should be complete with the Luton Marathon this Sunday. However, I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that the event goes ahead in the bad weather as the 2008 event was cancelled due to an accident on the ice. Hopefully the snow will hold off or the roads will have been suitably gritted to permit the race as it would be a bit of a disaster to get this far and have no final race! If that does happen though I will just have to do a measured 26.2 mile run on my own to round off the challenge, which will be a bit of an anti-climax but hey, the challenge was to do 12 marathons and that’s what I will do.

Anyways, not a lot I can do about it at the moment so I’ll just keep an eye on the weather and see how it goes. Just need a couple of short tick-over runs this week and I might have to dust off the YakTrax if the ice becomes a problem. I bought a pair last winter after I got fed up with having to do my long runs on a treadmill leading up to the Gloucester Marathon. Sunday afternoon running 20 miles on a treadmill can get a bit tedious…

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