Just a quick jog into town :-P

This weekend’s long run was supposed to be a 14 miler around one of my well-trodden loops which, as you might expect, is getting a little bit tedious now. I decided just before I went out to mix it up a little as I have been doing recently and take a couple of random turns to see where they go. After the first couple of miles I decided to go off-road down a signposted footpath – which proved to be a bit of an error as it took me across a pretty sodden field and within seconds my feet were soaked. Still, I pressed on and eventually emerged a little off-course from my loop onto a familiar road and just as I was about to cross I saw the Crystal Palace transmitter on the distant horizon and thought “oh what the hell” and turned south. It’s roughly a year since I did my 21 mile run down to Tower Bridge and as I tend to carry an Oyster card (in case I injure myself and need to hop on a bus/train etc) I thought I’d see how far 14 miles would take me. It was also a very nice, crisp and sunny autumn day which is just perfect running conditions for me.

As it turns out, 14 miles got me to St John’s Wood – just a few hundred yards up from Edgware Road tube but by then I was on a roll and had no intention of stopping! At 15 miles I rounded Marble Arch and headed into Hyde Park past a very crowded speakers corner. Another mile and I was crossing Piccadilly into Green Park and heading for the Palace and the Mall. Halfway down the Mall I sighted Big Ben and originally decided to make that my goal so headed on down the Mall to Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall, dodging the Burmese protest march and crowds as Big Ben loomed. As I reached the tower I was showing just shy of 17.5 miles on my Garmin so I carried on to the riven and along the Embankment to try and make it a nice round 18 miles before I stopped. As luck would have it, I hit 18 miles just before Somerset House which is just along from Embankment tube and decided that with a marathon in 2 weeks time I should probably call it a day.

The route home was somewhat easier on the tube and then the train and I have to say that the lentil & bacon soup from Pret-a-Manger at Euston was, at that moment, the best thing in the world – especially after that carb gel at 11 miles…

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