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Ok this is a bit off topic but when I’m not running I like to keep myself up to date in all things IT and recently discovered a secure Virtual Private Network, or VPN, service provider which may be of interest to anyone who is worried about privacy online or gets frustrated by those “sorry this is only available to users in the United States” messages when you try to watch one of their equivalents of BBC iPlayer to catch up on stuff you’ve missed. A VPN basically lets you “tunnel” through the internet to another part of the world and appear online at another location anonymously as if you were physically there – thus concealing where you really are and allowing you to use services that might be blocked or restricted by your internet provider locally. The folks at Super VPN Service provide a range of secure VPN services starting at $8 a month with up to 50% discounts for paying up front. So, if you’ve been worried about the recent major lapses in data protection in the news then this could be your answer.

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  1. Michele says:

    Does their service also works with watching hulu?

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