Training Continues

Well it’s over a week now since Edinburgh and I’ve settled back into the usual routine. My recovery run last Wednesday was quite hard as the knee was complaining a bit but loosened up after a mile or so. Saturday was my first post-marathon long run and I ran a sedate 10 miles without any trouble so that was a good confidence boost. This week has come on leaps and bounds. My usual post-weekend short run on Monday turned into just under 4 miles of speedwork, helped mainly by the fact that I’m suffering no discomfort whatsoever in my knee so it looks like the physio has really done the trick. I will definitely be keeping up those glute and VMO exercises going forward  the anterior knee pain has gone!

Anyway, planning to hit the speedwork again on Weds with some quality intervals and then aim for a 16 miler at the weekend as Cheltenham is only 4 weeks away. I’ve been looking at the route and whilst it’s probably going to be one of the most scenic races I will do this year it’s certainly not going to be one of the fastest! However, the rest of the family are going to walk the first two stages so I should hopefully get to the finish about the same time they do. Not sure if they kids realise they’re doing a 13 mile walk yet but glad I’m going to be running ahead!

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