One week to Edinburgh

Just completed a 10 miler in the sunshine this afternoon. My knee is still a bit stiff but it’s not slowing me down any more so I’m just hoping it will keep improving as I go. I also just passed the 500 mile mark since I started recording my progress back in November so a bit of a milestone as that’s when I effectively started this website too. I shudder to think how many miles I’ve racked up since I started running seriously!! Looking at the months ahead I think I should definitely crack 1000 miles by the time I’ve done Luton in December, which was another little personal goal of mine 🙂

Anyway, just a few medium-easy runs this week in the lead-up to Edinburgh on Sunday. I’m not going to set a target time as I don’t know what I’ll be like by the time I get to mile 20 having not done any serious long runs since Stratford but we’ll just see how it goes. I’m hoping that the significant downhill element of this race will give me a little boost to make up for it though.

On the fundraising front I’ve had a little flurry of donations recently which has boosted the totals up considerably. I’m up to £1458 plus another £378 in gift aid across the four charities so that’s about £2964 left to go if I’m going to hit my £1200 target for each one. Many many thanks to all who have donated so far and please keep spreading the word.

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