Back on Form

Great run yesterday – 14.34 miles in 2:06:13 which equated to an 8:48 min/ml average so not bad at all. I faced my old nemesis the Northwood Hills again and this time without any of the problems that plagued me last week. It was quite a warm day too so I started to get a feel for what the summer marathons are going to be like as my demand for water increases. Having said that, I did my 14 mile run without taking a sip – mainly to see how far I could go and also to see whether constantly drinking (as I often do) has a positive of negative effect. On this occasion I think it was fairly neutral – clearly I can go a lot further than I thought on my pre-run hydration and feeding but I wouldn’t like to push it beyond what I did yesterday and and certainly not as the temperature continues to rise!
That’s probably enough experimenting though as I have my next marathon in a couple of weeks in Stratford – which incidentally coincides with London so I will be thinking of them as I start my race on the start line

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