In a bit of a lull

Although it’s been good to get back into the regular routine I had before Christmas it does feel like things are going quite slowly now after a hectic start to the year. Doing three races quite close together has left me with a 6 week gap until Stratford in April. I’m just treating this time as if I was training for the first one again though to give me that little spark of incentive that gets me out of the house. The relentless rain and drizzle over the last 10 days has made that pretty hard to do but despite that miserable feeling you get as you step out of the front door into the rain it soon wears off and you hardly notice it once you’ve wound yourself up into the training zone (well it works for me anyway).

The weekend was a good confidence booster, I went out to do 12 miles and ended up clocking just short of 15 as I changed the route a little. I took the car for some new tyres and since I knew it was about a 90 min wait I thought that would be a good time to to a big loop and arrive back to the job all finished. However I did slightly underestimate the extra distance starting from the garage would add on but in the end it was no problem at all. That particular route has a couple of challenging gradients (they don’t call that area Northwood Hills for nothing), both of which I attacked viciously and managed to maintain a good pace all the way round. Click here for the Garmin track of that day.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be able to stick to this routine now and get some quality speedwork done this Wednesday and another good long run at the weekend.


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