Cool Runnings

Well after three months of mayhem at the start of this year I’ve finally settled back into the routine I had before marathon number one which was a long Saturday run, easy short-mid distance on Monday and speedwork/intervals on a Wednesday. Long run distances increasing by 2 miles per week etc. That got me to a sub-4:00 at Gloucester and I’ve managed to maintain that so far. However, even though I’m back into a familiar routine I’m now feeling the need to ramp things up a bit as I’m starting to feel ever more “agitated and jumpy” between runs and just have the urge to go and run off all the excess energy!!

I think I’m going to have to up all my distances by 10-15% and maybe do some work in the gym in between runs, either that or add another run into the weekly calendar but I may have to do that on a lunchtime rather than encroaching on even more home life – the bathroom tiling has taken long enough to finish as it is!!

Anyway, tonight was an easy 5-miler with me making a concerted effort to keep it easy, despite the urge to break 40 mins again!

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