Fame at last!

Picked up a copy of Running Fitness magazine in the station on my way home and was pleasantly surprised to see an almost full-page article about my challenge. I’d had a telephone interview a few weeks ago that was kindly set up for me by Asthma UK but I’d only expected a couple of paragraphs in a column somewhere so that really put a smile on my face for the journey home 🙂

Went for my first post-marathon jog this evening too, just a little 2 miler to flush out all the waste metabolites from the muscles and shake off the remaining stiffness – which it has done. It’s a good 6 weeks or thereabouts to the next marathon now so I think I’ll revise my training programme a little and see if I can shave another couple of minutes off the next one with some focussed HR training to see if it really works. For the next couple of nights though it’s feet-up, telly on and perhaps a couple of beers…

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1 Response to Fame at last!

  1. Gareth Jones says:

    Cool and congrats on the PB. If you keep this up you should be under 3.30 by the end of the year….

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