Not feeling it this week

Probably my worst week for a long time this week, really not feeling “athletic” at the moment 😦 Missed my speedwork last night and tonight’s run, which I had to force myself to do was something of a plod. I think I’m just a bit over tired and suffering from too much junk food and alcohol last week – which I did enjoy at the time but I’m coming round to the idea of needing a bit of a “detox” now!

I’ll hopefully pick things back up at the weekend with a nice long easy run and all my bad daytime snacks are now off the menu so it’s time to restock the desktop fruit supply and replace my excess coffee consumption with spring water – oh well, one does have to make sacrifices for one’s art…

One weekend to go before the next marathon so need to get myself sorted – at least I get a nice long stretch before the one after that so I’m aiming to do some cross training to tone up the rest of my body which is being put to shame by my legs!

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Enterprise Architect and self-confessed techno geek.
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