Getting Ready

Well tomorrow is the big day! Last night I went for a short, easy run just to keep things ticking over and to get my head around tomorrow’s race. It’s like a step into the unknown now as this will be the furthest distance I’ve ever attempted and having only hit "the wall" once in training I’ve no idea what’s going to happen during that last 6 miles so I’m just trying to think of ways to approach it mentally at the moment. I’ll be glad when tomorrow’s race is out of the way because aside from the whole having to run 26 miles thing I just want that mental tick in the box that says "yes, it’s doable".

Gloucester Marathon

Tomorrow’s route doesn’t look bad at all though, even with the fact that it’s 3 laps the terrain looks fairly flat and it should be quite scenic. I’ll be wearing my Garmin Forerunner so I’ll have a full log of the race itself to upload afterwards.

The only thing I’m really dreading tomorrow is the drive home as it’ll be about 2.5 hours so there may be a few "leg stretch" stops on the way to keep everything from seizing up!!

Anyway, not a lot else I can do right now other than take it easy, keep hydrated and try to think of something interesting to do with the pile of pasta I will probably try and consume tonight, definitely no alcohol though and, unusually for me, probably an early night too.

Thank you for all the messages of support that have been coming in this morning via Facebook etc. I’ll try and get my post-race report up on Sunday evening.

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