Another 20 miles under the belt.

Well that’s the last of the long training runs before my first full marathon and it was a vast improvement over last week, even managed to up the pace towards the end and finish will an 8 min mile. Unfortunately the whole thing was on the treadmill at the local leisure centre. As a result my water consumption was almost double and whilst it was quite an easy-paced run the lack of any real downhill sections was noticeable and I found running a constant, relentless, pace harder in some ways than tackling hills – but that was probably more to do with boredom than anything else…

Being a fairly modern gym the walls are covered with plasma screens and you can "tune in" to them using a small gadget on each of the machines. Unfortunately the choice is limited to Sky News, Sky Sports and BBC One. After 15 minutes of Sky News you’ve pretty much seen it all and then it just repeats over & over all day so it was over to BBC One for the Eastenders Omnibus for 2 hours and then an episode of Seaside Rescue. However, the pick up in pace I mentioned earlier was down to Songs of Praise… There’s nothing like a musical interpretation of poetry and psalms to make you want to get the last 3 miles done ASAP!

Again the SiS Gels were just the ticket to keep my energy levels up and I managed the full distance without any major fatigue but the lack of a cool airflow over my feet has rewarded me with a couple of blisters to moan about this evening. I don’t think I’ll make a habit of treadmill running but now that I’ve finally had to cave in and do it I know that the option is there if the bad weather comes back.

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