Recovery runs work!

Up to now I’ve never really seen the point of going out and doing 2 or 3 miles at a snail’s pace when I feel I can go much further and faster – it hardly seems worth lacing up the shoes! However, they’re in the training guide I’m following and my mentor Dave has maintained their value for helping to recover from the long runs. Well, tonight I finally felt the benefit as all the little twinges left over from Saturday’s 18 miles have completely gone so maybe I just needed to accumulate enough wear & tear before I felt it!!

Anyway, it’s worth checking out Dave’s website if you are considering taking on some of the World’s toughest marathons and his book Extreme Running is a must-read for the serious ultra runner!

See you later in the week for more tempo running and then my first 20-miler at the weekend.

Garmin Connect – Activity Details.

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